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Release date: May 30, 2024

This is a patch release, containing some important bug fix for flow's continuous aggregating in #4018

It's highly recommended to upgrade to this version if you're using v0.8.0.

🚀 Features

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • fix(flow): correctness bugs by @discord9 in #4018

  • fix: try to fix broken CI by @WenyXu in #3998

  • fix: move log_version() into build() of App to fix no log version on bootstrap by @zyy17 in #4004

  • fix: try to fix unstable fuzz test by @WenyXu in #4003

  • fix: can't print log because the tracing guard is dropped by @zyy17 in #4005

  • fix(fuzz): sort inserted rows with primary keys and time index by @CookiePieWw in #4008

  • fix: notifies all workers once a region is flushed by @evenyag in #4016

  • fix(fuzz-tests): avoid to drop in-use database by @WenyXu in #4049

  • fix(metric-engine): missing catchup implementation by @WenyXu in #4048

  • fix: set local or session time_zone not work by @killme2008 in #4064

  • fix: avoid acquiring lock during reading stats by @WenyXu in #4070

🚜 Refactor

  • refactor: make the command entry cleaner by @zyy17 in #3981
  • refactor: replace Expr with datafusion::Expr by @realtaobo in #3995
  • refactor: remove unused log config by @v0y4g3r in #4021
  • refactor(fuzz-tests): generate ts value separately by @WenyXu in #4056
  • refactor: move Database to client crate behind testing feature by @tisonkun in #4059
  • refactor(log_store): remove associated type Namespace and Entry in LogStore by @WenyXu in #4038

📚 Documentation

⚙️ Miscellaneous Tasks


New Contributors

All Contributors

We would like to thank the following contributors from the GreptimeDB community:

@CookiePieWw, @LYZJU2019, @MichaelScofield, @WenyXu, @discord9, @etolbakov, @evenyag, @fengjiachun, @irenjj, @killme2008, @realtaobo, @shuiyisong, @sunng87, @tisonkun, @v0y4g3r, @waynexia, @zyy17